Built4BBQ bands and buds band together this Saturday to throw a great show for a great cause. An all-star collection of area musicians descend upon the Low Beat for an all-day fiesta to support recovery efforts in Nepal. All proceeds from the $10 suggested door donation at the May 16 event will benefit the Shikshya Foundation Nepal, a non-profit organization committed to supporting long-term, sustainable rebuilding efforts.

The colossal Capital Region lineup features legendary Troy power trio Super 400, surf-fuzz supergroup Kimono Dragons, rock wunderkinds Dearest Vendetta, funk powerhouse Victory Soul Orchestra, country-blues troubadour Henry’s Rifle and indie favorites Bear Grass. That’s six sweet bands for one low price, and you can party even heartier knowing you’re helping folks in need.

The all-day event kicks off at 1 p.m. Lunch specials and day-drinkin’. Rockin’, rollin’, folkin’, surfin’ and funkin’. All ages are welcome, but bring a parent or guardian, kids.

Find more info on the Facebook event page!

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Built4BBQ Star Spangled Bonanza II.


July 4 2015

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Read the fine print.

We’re pleased to announce that The End Men‘s latest and greatest, Terms and Conditions, is now available for your internet consumption. Limited-edition vinyl and hand-screened CDs are on the way. Augmenting the dynamic duo’s patented rock ‘n’ roll assault with the addition of saxophone maniac Matt Elia, Terms and Conditions is the loosest, heaviest, jazziest, gnarliest End Men record yet, taking the band’s bluesy pummeling in all manner of unexpected but wholly righteous directions. Dig in.

If you’re on the right side of the Atlantic, the End Men just may be coming to town near you soon; if you’re here with us in the 518, keep your calendars clear on the 4th of July.

End Men Euro tour

The End Men CD
BBQ special edition CDs.

End Men record
That tasty, tasty vinyl.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Terms, Rock ‘n’ Roll Conditions.

The End Men recording
While the rest of us ball up into the fetal position to wait out the rest of this god-foresaken northeastern winter with healthy supplies of apathy, alcohol, Netflix and nachos close at hand, our Brooklyn brethren THE END MEN have decided to use all the time indoors to their advantage. These rock ‘n’ roll animals are hard at work with co-producer John Epperly in his new studio, laying down monster tracks for their upcoming fourth album, Terms and Conditions.
This record will be the first to feature the contributions of Matt Elia, the saxophone colossus and all-around good guy you may recognize from his time in Public Access and frequent guest spots with the Slaughterhouse Chorus. Expect the patented End Men growl and grind we all know and love, enhanced by strains of reedery reminiscent of Bowie and Beefheart on a bender. The world needs this album, and we frankly cannot wait to hear it.

There’s talk of a vinyl release, and you know that shit ain’t cheap, so how about you go buy some stuff from the End Men right now and help them press this down and dirty rock music into the wax grooves it was always meant to blast from.Liv

A European tour commences this spring, and we’re reasonably sure the U.S. ain’t safe either. Follow along at home at for updates.

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Built4BBQ vs. Cabin Fever.

SS Web crop
Built4BBQ and The Low Beat are teaming up for a string of shows to close out January,  guaranteed to help you kick those ice-covered mid-winter blues. Read on and plan accordingly.

First up, Milwaukee maniacs S.S. Web bring their hard-charging, heavy-drinking, washboard-assaulting folk to the stage on Monday, January 26! Henry’s Rifle breaks a few months of hibernation to kick off the festivities, and everyone’s favorite 518 punk rock macho men the Savage Randys round out the triple bill. Just try to have this much fun anywhere else on a Monday in January! Here’s the Facebook event.

On Thursday, January 29, the latest edition of the Low Beat’s $3 Thursdays series features Built4BBQ ska-punk-shitstorm Girth Control, plus punk rockers 1-10 and Sick Mind, all at a very reasonable price.

And then, my friends, happy hour is back! Catch The Kimono Dragons and the debut of brand-new supergroup Victory Soul Orchestra, drink specials and associated shenanigans on Friday, January 30 at 6pm! More info here.  And hell, why not make a night out of it? Choogle a few blocks down Central after happy hour to The Fuze Box for a serious blast of punk rock ‘n’ roll from New Jersey redeemers Hudson Falcons, long-lost Waterford legends Plastic Jesus and local dudes Teenage Shred and New Red Scare! Stick around for Albany’s favorite punk rock dance party, The Cretin Hop! Get down.

Don’t let cabin fever get you down this winter. We’ve got your back.

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It’s a girthquake!

It's a goddamn girthquake!

We did it, people. The future is here, and it’s already looking pretty weird.  2015 kicks off with a righteous birthday bash for our buds at B-Scene Productions at the Low Beat on Saturday, January 10. This killer bill of northeastern punk rock will be initiated by none other than Built4BBQ’s latest offspring, GIRTH CONTROL. A ska-punk sideproject from members of The Slaughterhouse Chorus, what began as a one-off excuse to play Less Than Jake covers in public is now a living, breathing, skanking monstrosity. Armed with a set of original songs celebrating the glory of ’90s punk, cheap beer and mohawks, Girth Control will make their very first venture above ground on the 10th after a couple wild Shred Shack appearances closed out 2014. Actual bands on the bill include Totally Gnarly, Boston dudes Loser’s Circle, long-running Pittsfield punx The Damaged and CT’s Cry Havoc. Bring your circle-pittin’ shoes.

01-10-2015banner copy
Here’s the Facebook event.

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A December to remember.


Well, friends, as 2014 comes to a close, we reflect back on a year of the highest highs and lowest lows, a tumultuous 365 that gave us the Kimono Dragons, a Henry’s Rifle album and the Entree sampler, but took away our beloved Pistolwhips and Valentines Music Hall. Some things change, some things stay the same, and we look forward to ringing in 2015 and the THIRD (!) year of Built4BBQ with all of you wonderful folks. What will the new year bring? Well, can’t nobody predict the future, but here’s our wish list:

Is that too much ask? Only time will tell.

And of course, we’ve still got a few more chances for you to get loose in 2014. A few recommended activities to get you through the holidays:
December 11: Linear North, Nobody For President & Broken Spirit at the Low Beat.
We hear it’ll be Linear North’s last appearance for a while, so don’t screw this up.

December 20: Girthday Party at the Shred Shack.
Bob might finally be old enough to rent a car, so party in style with the statistically impossible second show by Slaughterhouse Chorus shit-ska-punk sideproject Girth Control.

EQX New Year’s Eve with Northern Faces, Stellar Young & The Slaughterhouse Chorus at the Hollow.
Ring in the new year with an increasingly rare set from the Chorus, plus two fine 518 bands making big waves in a national way. $10, or get the most bang for your buck with a dinner/open bar/show package. All class.

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Goodnight, sweet ‘Whips.

The Pistolwhips

It’s the day we hoped would never arrive: the one, the only, the Pistolwhips, destroyers of planets, saviors of the universe, will take their final bow this Saturday at the Shred Shack. The plaid-clad garage rockers have been doing their thing better than everyone for a few years now, putting out the best album of all time and some face-melting singles along the way, but now the time has come to freeze this beautiful, three-headed rock ‘n’ roll dragon in carbonite. Nothing solid gold can stay, my friends.

We’ve got one last chance to laugh, cry, sing loud and shred gnar – this Saturday, November 15, at the Pistolwhips’ underground lab away from home, The Shred Shack, with The Slaughterhouse Chorus and Long Island dudes InCircles in tow. Drop us a line for address at built4bbq at gmail dot com.

Pistolwhips last show

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Holy Whole Hog!

Man oh man, what a Halloween! Thanks for dressing up and partying down with Built4BBQ! Hammer Hawk shredded, Kimono Dragons pulled off a righteous Pixies impression, Henry’s Rifle went full-on hootenany, and Rival Galaxies kept us dancing well past the witching hour. If you missed the festivities, we’ve got a bit of audio-visual evidence courtesy of unofficial Built4BBQ documentarian Chris Hanley…

Kimono Dragons gouging away:

Henry’s Rifle, featuring half a dozen friends, family and ninjas:

Rival Galaxies bringing down the house:

It was an extra special occasion for us, as the full-length debut album from Henry’s Rifle, Barroom Weather, finally saw the light of day! A lot of blood, sweat and beer went into the making of this record and we’re all extremely excited to share it with you. It’s now available for your internet consumption. Dig in:

If you missed the party, we’ve got a pretty excellent second chance for you to pick up your handmade copy of Barroom Weather: on Saturday, November 8, Henry’s Rifle shares the stage with fellow 518 folk Matt Durfee and Carl Daniels at the legendary Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs!  It’s another one-of-a-kind evening brought to you by the fine folks at WEQX, showcasing some of our finest local songwriters at the little coffee shop that Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie and Don McLean once called a home away from home. Get your tickets here, and let the circle be unbroken.

Lots more great shows a-comin’ throughout November – keep an eye on the shows list right here for your BBQ-approved activities.

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Get a taste of “Barroom Weather”

The highly anticipated Henry’s Rifle full-length Barroom Weather hits the streets at Built4BBQ’s Whole Hog Halloween on October 31, and we’ve got your first taste! Check out two tracks from the record, album art and the tracklist at the brand-new HR Bandcamp page.

These two numbers will give you a nice preview of what your ears are in for with this record. A fine example of the patented one-man-band wailin’ and stompin’ you know and love, you might recall hearing an earlier mix of “Hammer and Nails” on the Entree sampler. Here it is in final form, and we can just about guarantee you’ll be feeling some feelings by the end of this one. “First Time Last Time” is three-and-a-half minutes of country gold, fleshed out by a full band and some sweet, sweet harmonica playing – one of our favorite tracks on the record. John will play the whole album, start to finish, with a full band and special guests at Whole Hog Halloween – be there at Pauly’s Hotel October 31 to soak up some Barroom Weather!

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