Rock ‘n’ Roll Terms, Rock ‘n’ Roll Conditions.

The End Men recording
While the rest of us ball up into the fetal position to wait out the rest of this god-foresaken northeastern winter with healthy supplies of apathy, alcohol, Netflix and nachos close at hand, our Brooklyn brethren THE END MEN have decided to use all the time indoors to their advantage. These rock ‘n’ roll animals are hard at work with co-producer John Epperly in his new studio, laying down monster tracks for their upcoming fourth album, Terms and Conditions.
This record will be the first to feature the contributions of Matt Elia, the saxophone colossus and all-around good guy you may recognize from his time in Public Access and frequent guest spots with the Slaughterhouse Chorus. Expect the patented End Men growl and grind we all know and love, enhanced by strains of reedery reminiscent of Bowie and Beefheart on a bender. The world needs this album, and we frankly cannot wait to hear it.

There’s talk of a vinyl release, and you know that shit ain’t cheap, so how about you go buy some stuff from the End Men right now and help them press this down and dirty rock music into the wax grooves it was always meant to blast from.Liv

A European tour commences this spring, and we’re reasonably sure the U.S. ain’t safe either. Follow along at home at for updates.

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