Built4BBQ’s Star Spangled Bonanza 2!

Bitchin' poster by Henry's Rifle.

Bitchin’ poster by Henry’s Rifle.

Patriots and compatriots, we are proud to announce the return of Built4BBQ’s Star Spangled Bonanza, coming to The Low Beat & Pauly’s Hotel this Independence Day! Six George Washingtons at the door gains you access to two fine venues and nine killer American rock ‘n’ roll bands. We just might have outdone ourselves with this year’s lineup, which will feature:

* Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! A super-special return of the TOOOOOADS, we promise you don’t want to miss how Albany’s best-ever superstar cover band celebrates the 4th.

* The Slaughterhouse Chorus! A rare appearance from Albany’s third-best punk band, playing their first and quite possibly only public show of 2015 in commemoration of their favorite holiday.

* Kimono Dragons!  Talk about jazz all you want, but we all know that surf rock is America’s true contribution to world culture. And the Dragons bring it better than anybody.

* The End Men! Fresh off their Euro tour, our Brooklyn buds will be celebrating the Albany release of their fantastic new album Terms and Conditions with their first ever 518 appearance as a trio, featuring the mighty Matt Elia of Public Access fame on saxophone.

* The Savage Randys! Does anything scream “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA” more than the perfect marriage of punk rock and professional wrestling?

* Party Boat! The 518’s catchiest band is now also among its rockin’est. If you haven’t seen these dudes, or haven’t seen them in a while, you’re in for an awfully good time.

* Charmboy! It’s been way too long since we had our faces thoroughly shredded by our favorite power trio.

* The Radicals!  Boston’s best make their long overdue Built4BBQ debut. These three dudes make the kind of music that’s inspired 239 years of American circle pits.

* Henry’s Rifle! You know him, you love him. Our resident country-blues madman stomps the boards and shreds the strings for one of his only shows this summer.

Doors open at 6pm! BYOfireworks. Find more info at the Facebook event.

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