The Pistolwhips

The Pistolwhips
One man, one machine, one wild animal, The Pistolwhips are Albany’s finest purveyors of garage rock and explosions. Unfailingly rocking, undeniably catchy, the Pistolwhips will eat their way into your brain like a chicken burrito and proceed to blow it up from the inside. The terrible trio  unveiled their long-awaited debut LP, Solid Gold Zeppelin, in 2013, and we do not exaggerate in proclaiming it the most important testament to rock ‘n’ roll since Van Halen II. Unfortunately, the dudes have gone their separate ways, but don’t rule out an earthshaking reunion the likes of which the world has never seen. Recommended if you like the Presidents of the United States of America, the John Spencer Blues Explosion, The Dead Milkmen and outer space. NOT recommended if you like bears.
Bandcamp / Facebook / Reverbnation

“Law T-Rex” (single, Built4BBQ “Entree” sampler, July 2014)

Split with Charmboy (Sept. 2013, Built4BBQ-006)

Solid Gold Zeppelin (LP, Sept. 2013. Built4BBQ-005)


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