It’s a girthquake!

It's a goddamn girthquake!

We did it, people. The future is here, and it’s already looking pretty weird.  2015 kicks off with a righteous birthday bash for our buds at B-Scene Productions at the Low Beat on Saturday, January 10. This killer bill of northeastern punk rock will be initiated by none other than Built4BBQ’s latest offspring, GIRTH CONTROL. A ska-punk sideproject from members of The Slaughterhouse Chorus, what began as a one-off excuse to play Less Than Jake covers in public is now a living, breathing, skanking monstrosity. Armed with a set of original songs celebrating the glory of ’90s punk, cheap beer and mohawks, Girth Control will make their very first venture above ground on the 10th after a couple wild Shred Shack appearances closed out 2014. Actual bands on the bill include Totally Gnarly, Boston dudes Loser’s Circle, long-running Pittsfield punx The Damaged and CT’s Cry Havoc. Bring your circle-pittin’ shoes.

01-10-2015banner copy
Here’s the Facebook event.

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