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… In the Name of Progress

After a decade of chooglin’ through Upstate America and beyond, Built4BBQ’s prodigal punks The Slaughterhouse Chorus will leave this earthly plain in 2019, but before riding off into the sunset the dudes have left you with one last slice of

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Free music

Anytime, any place, find the latest and greatest Built4BBQ releases streaming for free at Built4BBQ Bandcamp page.

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Shorter Faster Dumber

Built4BBQ is stoked to bring present Girth Control‘s brand new 7″ LP masterpiece, Shorter Faster Dumber. For their second album of ska/punk stupidity, there was only one place for the dudes to go: shorter, faster, and dumber. In the tradition

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Whole Hog Halloween 4: Troy Night Out

Built4BBQ’s annual Halloween celebration is back for its 4th installment October 27. This year, we’re teaming with WEQX and Troy Night Out to bring a monster of a lineup to the other side of the river. It’s a classic cast

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Heavy Seas

The End Men are back with a brand new EP! Heavy Seas is a small collection of sea adventures, fairy tales and urban stories of pirates, bandits and preachers, all filtered through the undeniably heavy blues our NYC brethren have

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B4BBQ plays GNR

On July 21, 1987, five LA dudes released a little record called “Appetite for Destruction”. 30 years later, an all-star collection of Albany dudes assemble to pay tribute to one of the great, ridiculous pieces of modern rock n roll

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The Bonanza is Back!

It’s that time of year again: Built4BBQ’s Star Spangled Bonanza is back for round 4! Join us this Independence Eve on Monday, July 3 at The Low Beat & Pauly’s Hotel for our annual celebration of all things awesome and

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