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Girth Control poses the eternal question: what got you stoked in the first place? Built4BBQ’s banner ska/punk trio wants you to remember the days of circle pits and skateboards, basement bands and beer bongs, the beauty of punk rock in all its permutations. Formed by members of the Slaughterhouse Chorus as a one-off excuse to cover Less Than Jake songs, Girth Control has taken on a life of its own as a living, breathing, skanking entity specializing in supremely dumb and superbly catchy songs. The dudes recorded their debut album in the most appropriate fashion – live at their favorite Albany basement in front of a bunch of good friends and a VHS copy of The Waterboy. Go on, get stoked. Recommended if you like Operation Ivy, The Suicide Machines, Doritos or Colt 45.

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Shorter Faster Dumber (7″ LP, Built4BBQ-014, Nov. 2017)

What Got You Stoked in the First Place? (LP, Built4BBQ-010, Oct. 2015)

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