Star Spangled Spotlight: The Radicals

Built4BBQ’s Star Spangled Bonanza 2 is coming up real quick! The double-barrel lineup at the Low Beat and Pauly’s is stacked full of bands you know and love, as well as some killer rock ‘n’ rollers making their Built4BBQ debuts. Over the next week, we’ll shine a star spangled spotlight on some of these most righteous dudes. First up, kicking your teeth in at 7:45 on the Low Beat stage, it’s our favorite Boston punks, The Radicals.

The raddest. Photo by Nuraj Shrestha.

The raddest. Photo by Nuraj Shrestha.

More than just about any other band we’ve seen in the past number of years we’ve spent as jaded, boring adults, The Radicals remind us of why we ever got so stoked on this whole punk rock thing. On record or in a Jamaica Plains dive bar, the pure energy and joy these three fine young gentlemen expel brings you back to a time and place where the sweat’s dripping from the ceiling, the 40s are reasonably cold and little sub-genres of sub-genres don’t exist. This is punk rock for
punk rock’s sake, weaving bits and pieces of everything that ever mattered into a kick-ass 30 minute wave of fast and loud that’s pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a stomp in your step.

So you understand, it’s a goddamn shame that after something like a decade of wrecking basements across the eastern seaboard, The Radicals will be calling it quits this August. It’s a bittersweet thing, welcoming our Boston buds to town for their first and last Built4BBQ fiesta, but we’re happy we get to help see them off in style. This will likely be their last Albany appearance, and maybe even their last show before their big Boston send-off and EP release on August 15, so make sure you show up early and hit the pit one last time in tribute.

The dudes are currently offering all their fine album releases for name-your-price download at their Bandcamp page – have at it and sing along loud and proud on the 4th of July.

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