The End Men

The End Men
Brooklyn’s The End Men have been annihilating stages from Bushwick to Berlin since 2010, rocking audiences into submission with their captivating combination of monster blues riffs, utterly unique drumming and sideshow abandon. The band’s fantastic debut full-length, Play With Your Toys, hit the streets in early 2013 and they certainly haven’t let up since, touring various continents and cranking out new singles and videos like the superhuman superheroes they are. Dig it if you enjoy Tom Waits, Clutch, The White Stripes or having your face handed to you.
Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter

Heavy Seas (EP, September 2017)

Terms and Conditions (LP on Well Rounded Hoodlum Records, April 2015)

Morning Birds / East of West (single, April 2015)

Odds & Ends (LP, April 2014)

Work (single on Well Rounded Hoodlum Records, Sept. 2013)

Play With Your Toys (LP, Feb. 2013)

Build It Up (EP, March 2011)

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