Straitjacket Escape


Don’t call it a comeback, because Straitjacket Escape never really went away. After rising from the aftermath of high school punk rock heroes Mr! Wednesday and The Filthy Animals sometime in the mid-2000s, Straitjacket Escape honed their previous band’s ‘80s-inspired hardcore into something catchier but no less invigorating. They played a few shows, recorded a demo, and faded into the background as the all-ages venues closed down and the real world came calling. It’s a familiar story. But while a lesser band would have hung it up, Straitjacket Escape kept making noise for fun, eventually re-emerging from their basement in 2013 to play their first show in over half a decade (in a basement) and record their first track in even longer (in a different basement). Recommended if you like Lagwagon, Lifetime, Dude Ranch by Blink-182, skateboarding, circle pits or hundred pound Peavey amplifiers.

“On & On” single, Built4BBQ Entree sampler (July 2014, Built4BBQ-007)

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