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Timing – Storm’s Coming (February 2023, B4BBQ-018)

Girth Control – Dumber for the Summer (July 2020, B4BBQ-017)

Girth Control – Zombies Stole My 40 (October 2019, B4BBQ-016)

The Slaughterhouse Chorus – … In The Name of Progress (May 2019, B4BBQ-015)

Girth Control – Shorter Faster Dumber (November 2017, B4BBQ-014)

The Savage Randys – Apeshit (April 2017, B4BBQ-013)

Henry’s Rifle – Arkansas (Feb. 2017, B4BBQ-012)

Kimono Dragons – Swirldoggin’ With Kimono Dragons (Oct. 2016, B4BBQ-011)

Girth Control – What Got You Stoked in the First Place? (Oct. 2015, B4BBQ-010)

Henry’s Rifle – Barroom Weather (Oct. 2014, B4BBQ-009)

The Slaughterhouse Chorus –  Pedestrians single (July 2014, B4BBQ-008)

Built4BBQ Entree Sampler (July 2014, B4BBQ-007)

The Pistolwhips/Charmboy split CD (Sept. 2013, B4BBQ-006)

The Pistolwhips – Solid Gold Zeppelin (Sept. 2013, B4BBQ-005)

Built4BBQ Appetizer Sampler (March 2013, B4BBQ-004)

Henry’s Rifle/The Slaughterhouse Chorus – Built4Broadcast (March 2013, B4BBQ-003)

Henry’s Rifle – First Time Last Time (Feb. 2013, B4BBQ-002)

The Slaughterhouse Chorus – LP (April 2012, B4BBQ-001)

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