Built4BBQ bands and buds band together this Saturday to throw a great show for a great cause. An all-star collection of area musicians descend upon the Low Beat for an all-day fiesta to support recovery efforts in Nepal. All proceeds from the $10 suggested door donation at the May 16 event will benefit the Shikshya Foundation Nepal, a non-profit organization committed to supporting long-term, sustainable rebuilding efforts.

The colossal Capital Region lineup features legendary Troy power trio Super 400, surf-fuzz supergroup Kimono Dragons, rock wunderkinds Dearest Vendetta, funk powerhouse Victory Soul Orchestra, country-blues troubadour Henry’s Rifle and indie favorites Bear Grass. That’s six sweet bands for one low price, and you can party even heartier knowing you’re helping folks in need.

The all-day event kicks off at 1 p.m. Lunch specials and day-drinkin’. Rockin’, rollin’, folkin’, surfin’ and funkin’. All ages are welcome, but bring a parent or guardian, kids.

Find more info on the Facebook event page!

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