Built4BBQ Happy Hour

Happy Hour 2-12-16

It’s the happiest hour of the week, and Built4BBQ is here to make it even happier! A new series of FREE Friday shows at The Low Beat kicks off on February 12 with BBQ favorites Girth Control & Henry’s Rifle! All the drink specials and good times you can handle, all for the low price of free! Make a night out of it and stick around for the late show with Kimono Dragons, Hammer Hawk & Colorway.

And mark your calendars for the March Happy Hour with those same Kimono Dragons on 3/11, followed immediately by another killer late show with Ten Foot Polecats and Henry’s Rifle! 2 for the price of 1, double trouble, BOGO… whatever you wanna call it, you can’t beat it. 5 o’clock’s right around the corner…we’ll see ya at the Low Beat!

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