No pepper.

Well, friends, the final Built4BBQ production at 17 New Scotland Avenue has come and gone. Thank you for joining us. While we’re just this side of despondent over the impending loss of a building we all more or less grew up in, there are still plenty more great shows (and happy hours) to catch at Valentines Music Hall before the end. You’ve still a got a chance to watch most of the Built4BBcrew wreck the place one last time. A partial list:

And of course, from all accounts, the “new” Valentines on Central Ave is moving along nicely. We’re looking forward to seeing what Howard, Mike and our favorite bar staff have in store.

In other news, the Henry’s Rifle LP is well underway!

HR board
Organization is the key to success.

John’s got 3 solo tracks in the bag and we’re setting up drums, dobros and basses for 10 more full-band jams. This one’s gonna be worth the wait.
Can’t hold off that long for your Henry’s Rifle fix? This Friday, November 23, John’s opening up for Matt Durfee’s “Little World” record release show at Red Square! Matt’s one of the area’s best songwriters and he’s put a lot of time into crafting this album with the finest musicians and engineers our little scene has to offer. You’re gonna want to be there, and you’re gonna want to pick up “Little World”. Hell, just look at this poster!

And just in time for the holidays, we’ve added some new stuff to the Built4BBQ store. Check it out.

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