Swirldoggin’ with Kimono Dragons


Cowabunga! Mark your calendars, because Built4BBQ’s surf-rock superstars KIMONO DRAGONS drop their debut full length in a suitably gigantic way on October 7 at the Low Beat! Pick up your very own copy of Swirldoggin’ with Kimono Dragons on glorious 12″ vinyl at the party of the season. Pressed to wax a short drive from Albany at Burlington Record Plant, the album is a tidal wave of righteous, raucous surf-fuzz impeccably produced by Maggot Brain maestro Ryan Slowey and featuring killer hand-drawn artwork by our own John Pipino. It’s the first Built4BBQ vinyl release and a family affair through and through. Henry’s Rifle himself and new psych-rockers Sun Natives join in the release party shenanigans. Now’s as good a time as any to get reacquainted with the sounds of the Kimono Dragons… take their 2014 demo for a spin and get ready to be swept away in the undertow of Swirldoggin’!


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