Star Spangled Spotlight: The Savage Randys

imageHooooo! We are beyond stoked to host the 518’s ultimate punk rock warriors The Savage Randys, as they open up the Star Spangled shenanigans at 7pm on the Pauly’s stage. These squared circle pit champs grind up the best bits of ’90s punk, ’80s hardcore and ’70s shred into a rock ‘n’ roll Slim Jim of unbridled intensity. It might not be healthy, but damned if it isn’t delicious. It’s cartoon violence at 250 beats per minute, spinning tales of Wrestlemania icons, Sega classics and superheroes into oddly universal shout-along anthems.

The Savage Randys just wrapped up tracking 10 tasty slabs of earworm punk rock with the Built4BBQ team that should have fans of the Vandals, NOFX and Rancid foaming at the bit for another bite. Look out for a killer EP and a split with similarly-minded Built4BBQ goofballs Girth Control in the coming months.

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