Maggot Brain crushes the Low Beat.

Maggot Brain
Today’s a big day, friends. Built4BBQ’s favorite band in all things brutal, Maggot Brain, unleashes their first shards of new noise in over two years tonight at the Low Beat! Pick up two brand new ragers on CASSETTE (with download card, of course), including the mighty “As the Crow Flies”, which you can preview right here. These dudes have been working hard on the follow-up to one of the Capital Region’s best-ever metal recordings, 2012’s Stop and Breathe, and we do believe they’ve topped themselves this time. “As the Crow Flies” is somehow meaner, weirder and harder than anything these guys have done before, and we can’t wait to see where they go from here.

If that wasn’t enough for you, tonight’s monolithic metal monster of a show also includes one of the first appearances of the new doomy hardcore band DoubleCROSS, featuring Bob from the Slaughterhouse Chorus and Ryan from Bad Friends holding down the rhythm section. Also onboard: NYC’s No Way and Bardus from Philly, making this an opportunity to sample some of the finest heaviness the Northeast has to offer for five measly dollars.

Check out the Facebook event here and prepare for punishment.

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