Built ’14 BBQ

Well, friends… here we are, one year into Built4BBQ, and it’s been quite a time. Look out, 2014, here’s a smattering of some of things we have in store for ya:
The long-awaited Henry’s Rifle LP
We’ve been hard at work on this one, holed up underground with banjos and tambos and all manner of sugar-coated snacks and malt liquor. We’re a few months in, a few more to go, but rest assured that the finished album will more than worth the wait. It’s a killer batch of a dozen songs and we’ve got some big ideas for ’em.  John will be taking this one with him when he appears at The Muddy Roots Music Festival in Tennessee – the best fest in the country for our money!

Built4BBQ sampler #2: THE ENTREE
New and unreleased music from all your favorite Built4BBQ bands, plus special guests courtesy of some of the 518’s finest labels and collectives. This one is shaping up real nice. Your soundtrack to grillin’ season.

New jams
We hear distant rumblings of monstrous new material coming from The Slaughterhouse Chorus, Charmboy and/or their mighty new surf project, Kimono Dragons, The Pistolwhips, Maggot Brain, The End Men and more!

New $tuff
New stickers, new shirts, new swag.

Bitchin’ events
A sampling of what’s upcoming for the next few months:

  • Jan. 31: FREE show at the Hollow Bar & Kitchen featuring The Slaughterhouse Chorus & The So So Glos
  • Feb. 22: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride with Surfer Blood & Party Boat at Nanola. Another FREE show, courtesy of the fine folks at WEQX.
  • Feb. 28, option a: Henry’s Rifle with Michael Graves at Bogies
  • Feb. 28, option b: New Red Scare, the Mad Doctors & Two Man Advantage at Pauly’s Hotel

Stay tuned dudes, it’s gonna be a quite a year.



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