What’s that noise in the distance?!

The Kimono Dragons

Prepare yourselves, Albany, for The Kimono Dragons approach. Built4BBQ’s newest supergroup features folks you know and love from Charmboy, The Pistolwhips, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Alta Mira and the Rattling Baddlies, combining forces into a furious, four-headed surf-rock monster. Knees will tremble and faces will melt in their wake. The Dragons hit land at the Low Beat for their first ever appearance this Friday, April 11, for a happy hour show of epic proportions with Big Kahuna Surf. Ride the wave.

You can also catch the Dragons on an absolutely unreal triple bill back at the Low Beat on May 10 with The Pistolwhips and the mighty Five Alpha Beatdown, and opening up the Tulip Festival Local 518 Stage on May 11 in the company of a whole host of killer local bands, including Built4BBQ buds The Lucky Jukebox Brigade.

We also hear rumblings of debut recordings coming in the near future. Keep an ear out, friends.

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New video from the End Men!

Our favorite Brooklynites premiered a new song and video today, featuring the one and only Matt Elia on saxophone. Dig it.

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Built ’14 BBQ

Well, friends… here we are, one year into Built4BBQ, and it’s been quite a time. Look out, 2014, here’s a smattering of some of things we have in store for ya:
The long-awaited Henry’s Rifle LP
We’ve been hard at work on this one, holed up underground with banjos and tambos and all manner of sugar-coated snacks and malt liquor. We’re a few months in, a few more to go, but rest assured that the finished album will more than worth the wait. It’s a killer batch of a dozen songs and we’ve got some big ideas for ‘em.  John will be taking this one with him when he appears at The Muddy Roots Music Festival in Tennessee – the best fest in the country for our money!

Built4BBQ sampler #2: THE ENTREE
New and unreleased music from all your favorite Built4BBQ bands, plus special guests courtesy of some of the 518′s finest labels and collectives. This one is shaping up real nice. Your soundtrack to grillin’ season.

New jams
We hear distant rumblings of monstrous new material coming from The Slaughterhouse Chorus, Charmboy and/or their mighty new surf project, Kimono Dragons, The Pistolwhips, Maggot Brain, The End Men and more!

New $tuff
New stickers, new shirts, new swag.

Bitchin’ events
A sampling of what’s upcoming for the next few months:

  • Jan. 31: FREE show at the Hollow Bar & Kitchen featuring The Slaughterhouse Chorus & The So So Glos
  • Feb. 22: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride with Surfer Blood & Party Boat at Nanola. Another FREE show, courtesy of the fine folks at WEQX.
  • Feb. 28, option a: Henry’s Rifle with Michael Graves at Bogies
  • Feb. 28, option b: New Red Scare, the Mad Doctors & Two Man Advantage at Pauly’s Hotel

Stay tuned dudes, it’s gonna be a quite a year.



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Happy holidudes.

Happy holidays from the holidudes at Built4BBQ. We got you a little something.

First off, we’re happy to share one of our favorite traditions with you, the good people: it’s the annual Nutkrakers Christmas album, featuring folks you know and love from Maggot Brain, Goldtooth, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and more, getting jazzy on your favorite holiday tunes. Gather round the tree and give it a listen.

And Merry Christmas to us, someone took some quality video of the last set Charmboy will ever play on our beloved No Pepper stage. Behold:

We hope you’ll join us for a few more righteous winter throwdowns before both the year and our time at Valentines is up:
DECEMBER 27: Ghosts of Hardcore Past XII
The annual punk rock cover show! Featuring New Red Scare as the Adicts, Linear North as Spacemen 3, Aggressive Response as Warzone, Bad Friends as Minor Threat and much, much more. This banger will sell out, so get your tickets early at Fuzz Records. You might as well pick up a little something for yourself while you’re there… you deserve it.

DECEMBER 31: New Year’s Eve Spectacular!
The last New Year’s show EVER at 17 New Scotland, featuring The Slaughterhouse Chorus, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Skeletons in the Piano & The Lucky Jukebox Brigade! All $$$ from the door go toward helping set up our friends at Valentines in their new digs at 335 Central Ave. Ain’t no better place to ring in 2014!

From the Built4BBQ family to yours, enjoy some good eatin’, drinkin’ and celebratin’ this holiday season, and don’t forget that you CAN still grill in the winter.

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No pepper.

Well, friends, the final Built4BBQ production at 17 New Scotland Avenue has come and gone. Thank you for joining us. While we’re just this side of despondent over the impending loss of a building we all more or less grew up in, there are still plenty more great shows (and happy hours) to catch at Valentines Music Hall before the end. You’ve still a got a chance to watch most of the Built4BBcrew wreck the place one last time. A partial list:

And of course, from all accounts, the “new” Valentines on Central Ave is moving along nicely. We’re looking forward to seeing what Howard, Mike and our favorite bar staff have in store.

In other news, the Henry’s Rifle LP is well underway!

HR board
Organization is the key to success.

John’s got 3 solo tracks in the bag and we’re setting up drums, dobros and basses for 10 more full-band jams. This one’s gonna be worth the wait.
Can’t hold off that long for your Henry’s Rifle fix? This Friday, November 23, John’s opening up for Matt Durfee’s “Little World” record release show at Red Square! Matt’s one of the area’s best songwriters and he’s put a lot of time into crafting this album with the finest musicians and engineers our little scene has to offer. You’re gonna want to be there, and you’re gonna want to pick up “Little World”. Hell, just look at this poster!

And just in time for the holidays, we’ve added some new stuff to the Built4BBQ store. Check it out.

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Happy Whole Hog Halloween

Thank you. Thank YOU. THANK you.
The inaugural Whole Hog Halloween show at Valentines was an unqualified, unreasonable success. We’re so happy you could join us and witness terrifying visions like the Pistolwhips of the United States of America, the Wizard of Skaz, Captain Ahab stomping his peg leg on a trunk lid and the return of the Hellasexuals. While most of the bands are hitting the No Pepper stage at least one more time before the bitter end, it was a rather excellent way to say one last big, stupid, drunken goodbye to a venue that most of us have been frequenting for over a decade. Valentines forever.

Here’s some photographic evidence of things getting just a little weird, courtesy of Goldtooth’s Matt Ferguson:

In other Built4BBQ news, tracking for the long-awaited Henry’s Rifle LP is finally under way. John’s kicked out a couple solo jams already, and full band recording starts up soon. This one’s gonna be something else entirely – stay tuned for more updates.

Next up on the show calendar, everyone’s favorite midwestern punk rock tunesmiths THE SLOW DEATH return to Valentines on Friday, November 15, with The Slaughterhouse Chorus and local party animals Drew & the Grand Spectacular and Boxer Brown in tow. If you like bands like Dillinger Four, the Replacements and the Lawrence Arms, the new Slow Death record will probably be the best purchase you make this year. If you like things like fun, rock music and good people, this show will probably be a worthy $5 investment as well. Also of note: this will almost definitely be the very last Built4BBQ production at 17 New Scotland Avenue. I’m getting depressed just typing that sentence. But hey, check out this bitchin’ show poster from the mind of Henry’s Rifle himself:
Slow Death web

Here’s the Facebook event.

More killer shows on tap for November and December across the board… check the calendar and stay with it.
And hey – we’ve got Built4BBQ stickers back in stock and more cool stuff on the way. Keep an eye on that swag page and support your local BBQ.

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Built4BBQ Halloween

Welcome to the new and improved Built4BBQ.com.

Big things are happening in the land of BBQ. Two brand-new Built4BBQ releases just hit the streets: the long-awaited Pistolwhips LP, “SOLID GOLD ZEPPELIN”, and a Pistolwhips/Charmboy CD split. Both bands just returned from a tour of midwest, melting faces clear to Detroit.

Our dudes are worldwide this fall. The End Men are off killing it in Europe. Linear North just returned for a U.S. tour with the most excellent Party Boat. Henry’s Rifle is gearing up for an October tour of New York State and prepping that full-length album that we swear will finally get rolling soon. Lots of new music and some great shows in the works. Stayed tuned.

And you’d best mark your calendars for October 25th, cuz we’re throwing one hell of our party at the best venue on the planet, Valentines Music Hall. Sadly, it may just be our last chance to really tear the roof off of the place before Albany Med does. Join 10 (count ‘em, 10!) of your favorite bands, throw on your best costume and dig in. Here’s the Facebook event. See ya there.

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Upcoming Events
  • The End Men, The Slaughterhouse Chorus, Charmboy May 1, 2014 at 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm The Low Beat The first Built4BBQ production at the Low Beat. $5!
  • Five Alpha Beatdown/Kimono Dragons/The Pistolwhips May 10, 2014 at 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm The Low Beat
  • Molly Gene One Whoaman Band / Henry's Rifle May 13, 2014 at 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm The Low Beat
  • Husky Burnette/Linear North/The Savage Randys May 24, 2014 at 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm The Low Beat

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