A December to remember.


Well, friends, as 2014 comes to a close, we reflect back on a year of the highest highs and lowest lows, a tumultuous 365 that gave us the Kimono Dragons, a Henry’s Rifle album and the Entree sampler, but took away our beloved Pistolwhips and Valentines Music Hall. Some things change, some things stay the same, and we look forward to ringing in 2015 and the THIRD (!) year of Built4BBQ with all of you wonderful folks. What will the new year bring? Well, can’t nobody predict the future, but here’s our wish list:

Is that too much ask? Only time will tell.

And of course, we’ve still got a few more chances for you to get loose in 2014. A few recommended activities to get you through the holidays:
December 11: Linear North, Nobody For President & Broken Spirit at the Low Beat.
We hear it’ll be Linear North’s last appearance for a while, so don’t screw this up.

December 20: Girthday Party at the Shred Shack.
Bob might finally be old enough to rent a car, so party in style with the statistically impossible second show by Slaughterhouse Chorus shit-ska-punk sideproject Girth Control.

EQX New Year’s Eve with Northern Faces, Stellar Young & The Slaughterhouse Chorus at the Hollow.
Ring in the new year with an increasingly rare set from the Chorus, plus two fine 518 bands making big waves in a national way. $10, or get the most bang for your buck with a dinner/open bar/show package. All class.

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Goodnight, sweet ‘Whips.

The Pistolwhips

It’s the day we hoped would never arrive: the one, the only, the Pistolwhips, destroyers of planets, saviors of the universe, will take their final bow this Saturday at the Shred Shack. The plaid-clad garage rockers have been doing their thing better than everyone for a few years now, putting out the best album of all time and some face-melting singles along the way, but now the time has come to freeze this beautiful, three-headed rock ‘n’ roll dragon in carbonite. Nothing solid gold can stay, my friends.

We’ve got one last chance to laugh, cry, sing loud and shred gnar – this Saturday, November 15, at the Pistolwhips’ underground lab away from home, The Shred Shack, with The Slaughterhouse Chorus and Long Island dudes InCircles in tow. Drop us a line for address at built4bbq at gmail dot com.

Pistolwhips last show

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Holy Whole Hog!

Man oh man, what a Halloween! Thanks for dressing up and partying down with Built4BBQ! Hammer Hawk shredded, Kimono Dragons pulled off a righteous Pixies impression, Henry’s Rifle went full-on hootenany, and Rival Galaxies kept us dancing well past the witching hour. If you missed the festivities, we’ve got a bit of audio-visual evidence courtesy of unofficial Built4BBQ documentarian Chris Hanley…

Kimono Dragons gouging away:

Henry’s Rifle, featuring half a dozen friends, family and ninjas:

Rival Galaxies bringing down the house:

It was an extra special occasion for us, as the full-length debut album from Henry’s Rifle, Barroom Weather, finally saw the light of day! A lot of blood, sweat and beer went into the making of this record and we’re all extremely excited to share it with you. It’s now available for your internet consumption. Dig in:

If you missed the party, we’ve got a pretty excellent second chance for you to pick up your handmade copy of Barroom Weather: on Saturday, November 8, Henry’s Rifle shares the stage with fellow 518 folk Matt Durfee and Carl Daniels at the legendary Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs!  It’s another one-of-a-kind evening brought to you by the fine folks at WEQX, showcasing some of our finest local songwriters at the little coffee shop that Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie and Don McLean once called a home away from home. Get your tickets here, and let the circle be unbroken.

Lots more great shows a-comin’ throughout November – keep an eye on the shows list right here for your BBQ-approved activities.

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Get a taste of “Barroom Weather”

The highly anticipated Henry’s Rifle full-length Barroom Weather hits the streets at Built4BBQ’s Whole Hog Halloween on October 31, and we’ve got your first taste! Check out two tracks from the record, album art and the tracklist at the brand-new HR Bandcamp page.

These two numbers will give you a nice preview of what your ears are in for with this record. A fine example of the patented one-man-band wailin’ and stompin’ you know and love, you might recall hearing an earlier mix of “Hammer and Nails” on the Entree sampler. Here it is in final form, and we can just about guarantee you’ll be feeling some feelings by the end of this one. “First Time Last Time” is three-and-a-half minutes of country gold, fleshed out by a full band and some sweet, sweet harmonica playing – one of our favorite tracks on the record. John will play the whole album, start to finish, with a full band and special guests at Whole Hog Halloween – be there at Pauly’s Hotel October 31 to soak up some Barroom Weather!

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My Goodness, it’s the End Men!

End Men JTG photo
Rad shot of the End Men in action by JTG Photo for Upstate Live!

We keep saying it! Don’t we keep saying it? Albany is a goddamn embarrassment of rock ‘n’ roll riches, and one of the major parties responsible is WEQX. The good folks at the Northeast’s finest alternative radio station have been kicking out the jams, day in and day out, for 30 years now, and they’ve got a doozy of a mid-week show slated at The Hollow on Wednesday, October 15! That’s right, fresh off a huge tour of the U.S.A., with their chops honed to a razor’s edge and their Isuzu back on the road, our favorite New Yorkers The End Men return to their adopted hometown to slay the big stage! The dynamic duo (or trio? who knows!) opens up for next-big-thing Seattle rockers My Goodness, making this a serious but lighthearted evening of righteous, down-and-dirty heavy blues from two of its finest modern practitioners.

But wait, it gets even better! Yes, friends, through some sort of Vermont voodoo magic, EQX is bringing you this evening of killer rock music for FREE. Keep a few extra bucks in your pocket to sample one of the Hollow’s dozens of delicious brews, or maybe put it toward one of the best burgers you’ll ever eat in your life. Better yet, pick up some fancy End Men merch or the new My Goodness album! Or how about your quit mooching off EQX and buy a nice cocktail for your favorite DJ, because you really owe them at least that much. The choice is yours and yours alone. We’ll see you there.

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Whole Hog Halloween 2!

Halloween 2014 11x17 web

The leaves are falling, the mercury’s dropping, the wind is howling through the trees… and that can mean only one thing: Whole Hog Halloween rapidly approaches.

We’re tearing the roof off the thing this year, and the big news in BBQ country is that Henry’s Rifle will take this opportunity to officially release his long-awaited full-length album, Barroom Weather! This record has been well over a year in the making, a fully DIY operation involving nearly everyone in our little enclave of rock’n’roll in the service of John’s spectacular collection of songs,  so let’s just say that we fully intend to put the “party” in this album release party. Playing the album start-to-finish with a full band, you aren’t gonna wanna miss this Henry’s Rifle performance. Stayed tuned for more Barroom Weather news, coming at your ears and eyes all in due time.

And of course, that’s not all! Closing out the festivities are the only band for the job, the four-headed dance party machine that is Rival Galaxies! In just over a year, these dudes have become one of our favorite bands in all the Capital Region, a thunderous sonic rush of ridiculously catchy songs, space-age synths, massive basslines and superhuman drumbeats. We expect to see all manner of ghosts and ghouls at Whole Hog Halloween, but your feet ain’t moving to this, you might actually be the walking dead.

Wait, there’s more! Built4BBQ supergroup Kimono Dragons bring their spooky, destroy-all-monsters sci-fi surf-rock to the stage. Fuzz, reverb and a thunderous rhythm section collide into the soundtrack to a slasher movie that just happens to take place on surfboards in the Pacific Ocean. We know how much the Dragons enjoy Halloween, so it’s quite possible there’s a surprise or two up their collective kimono sleeve.

Rounding out this mean, lean lineup is one of the finest rock ‘n’ roll groups the Albany area’s produced over the last couple years, B3nson Recording Company power trio Hammer Hawk! You know ‘em and love ‘em from their scene-stealing contribution to the Entree sampler, these dudes are knocking out the best straight-up, guitar-shredding, drum-flailing, no-nonsense rock music we’ve heard in these parts. Wrapping up mammoth melodies in a warm shell of delicious distortion, Hammer Hawk makes for a tasty, tasty appetizer to this four-course Whole Hog feast.

It all goes down in the oldest, haunted-est bar in Albany, Pauly’s Hotel, where the beer still flows like it did during Prohibition. Start putting that perfect costume together, stock up on candy, and prepare to rock… Whole Hog Halloween is back, and this time, IT’S PERSONAL.

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Maggot Brain crushes the Low Beat.

Maggot Brain
Today’s a big day, friends. Built4BBQ’s favorite band in all things brutal, Maggot Brain, unleashes their first shards of new noise in over two years tonight at the Low Beat! Pick up two brand new ragers on CASSETTE (with download card, of course), including the mighty “As the Crow Flies”, which you can preview right here. These dudes have been working hard on the follow-up to one of the Capital Region’s best-ever metal recordings, 2012’s Stop and Breathe, and we do believe they’ve topped themselves this time. “As the Crow Flies” is somehow meaner, weirder and harder than anything these guys have done before, and we can’t wait to see where they go from here.

If that wasn’t enough for you, tonight’s monolithic metal monster of a show also includes one of the first appearances of the new doomy hardcore band DoubleCROSS, featuring Bob from the Slaughterhouse Chorus and Ryan from Bad Friends holding down the rhythm section. Also onboard: NYC’s No Way and Bardus from Philly, making this an opportunity to sample some of the finest heaviness the Northeast has to offer for five measly dollars.

Check out the Facebook event here and prepare for punishment.

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Upcoming Events
  • EQX New Year's Eve with The Slaughterhouse Chorus, Northern Faces & Stellar Young December 31, 2014 at 8:00 pm – 12:00 am The Hollow Bar + Kitchen, 79 N Pearl St, Albany, NY 12207, Uni ted States $10

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